Submit a bid for the 2025 ESSFN Congress

If you are interested in submitting a bid and present your city to the ESSFN Officers as a potential location to hold the ESSFN congress 2025, you must take into account the following rules:
  • All candidates must be members of the ESSFN
  • All bids must be prepared in collaboration with the ESSFN Core PCO
  • All bids should include a detailed provisional budget with several hypotheses in terms of attendance (average, high and worst case scenario)
  • The presentation during the Executive Committee meeting must be within 5 minutes based on facts and without video
  • The candidates must not contract with any local PCO
  • It is the ESSFN Core PCO decision to hire a local PCO or not and select the one they want to work with (as long as the Core PCO is financially responsible in front of the ESSFN) 
Please send your bid and/or questions to the Secretary and to the ESSFN Core PCO
Pr Jean Regis (ESSFN Secretary):
Natalie Ruxton (MCO Congrès):
Deadline to send your bid: 1 March, 2021